2022 50% Savanna Doelings

**SOLD, Pending Pick Up** Planning on goats for 2023? Let us know NOW and we will add you to our waiting list. Our March-born kids are weaned and running around the pastures. Bucklings went to market and as 50% Savanna, the lads all graded as #1’s. The girls are ready to go. All can beContinue reading “2022 50% Savanna Doelings”

Livestock Buyer’s Questionnaire

Thinking about buying livestock but also wondering if you have everything all set? Don’t be like others and bring home livestock before you are ready! Recently updated the Livestock Buyer’s Questionnaire, you can check it out on our Farm Practices page: Read Page It is our hope that the questions in the form will helpContinue reading “Livestock Buyer’s Questionnaire”

2022 Commercial Kids- preview of upcoming attractions…

Showing the last of the kids we had for sale- these kids are all sold. In 2022 we will have kids from registered Savanna bucks, promising 50% offspring that can be registered. 12 doelings, 9 market bucklings and 2 really, really nice bucklings that are good enough to be herdsires. Weaned, dewormed, ready to roll.