SteelMeadow’s Goat Kids

We currently have 2020 yearlings and 2021 soon-to-be weanlings for sale. Whether you are looking for dairy girls, Spanish or commercial Savannah F1 crosses, we have a few of each. There are even a couple bucklings that show promise (not every buck born is herd-sire worthy) and these too are offered for sale. $250-$300. FeederContinue reading “SteelMeadow’s Goat Kids”

SteelMeadow’s 2021 Calves

Currently three black and horned calves have been born, the forth will be later in the Fall, early Winter. We have one black steer ($600 DOB 5/6/2021 ), a non-chondro heifer ($950 DOB 4/29/2021 and a chondro-carrier heifer ($950 5/21/2021). The heifers will be DNA genotyped and tested, with chondro testing on the one bornContinue reading “SteelMeadow’s 2021 Calves”

A2 Milk- Is it worth it? (We don’t think so and this is why…)

“To A2 milk or not to A2 milk? That is the question…“ A2 testing is owned by a company in New Zealand that patented the test and offshoot branding- at first it claimed non-A2 milk (A1 in fact) was responsible for a host of medical issues (type 1 diabetes, autism, heart disease) which were >neverContinue reading “A2 Milk- Is it worth it? (We don’t think so and this is why…)”