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2023 Kids Being Born!

50% doeling prices = $450 (unregistered) If you want them registered, will just be the added cost of DNA testing and registration.

Savanna-Alpine cross kids from 2022

SteelMeadow Farm began raising goats in 2004 with Spanish stock purchased in Virginia. Those goats traveled to Missouri and were joined with ADGA dairy goats, additional heritage 100% Spanish, and commercial Spanish-Kiko does.

We are upgrading our goat herd using registered fullblood Savannas; VGV Goat Man Special and VGV Lil’ Frank from Victor Golden Valley Savannas. The 50% kids from these bucks have been phenomenal.

It will only get better!

“Helper nanny” leading the 50% commercial doelings around

January 2022 Kids-on-the-Ground

The “Tighty-Whities”

January born Savanna-Dairy cross kids. 10 total; 6 doelings and 4 bucklings. All doing great!

March 2022 Kids-on-the-Ground

They will be here soon!

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