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SteelMeadow Farm began raising goats in 2004 with Spanish stock purchased in Virginia. Those goats traveled to Missouri and were joined with ADGA dairy goats, Spanish and Spanish-Kiko does, and more recently crossed with Savannah bucks. If you are looking for hybrid vigor and well-built replacement doelings- look no further!

These are not feed-bag goats but hard working foragers who are only supplemented with winter hay and free choice mineral.

2021 Prices

  • 2020 Open Yearling Does $275
  • 2021 Doelings $250
  • 2021 Exceptional Bucklings $300
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2020 Open Yearlings

We have 6 doelings from 2020 we overwintered and did not breed. These girls are ready for a new farm. Savannah-Spanish/Kiko crosses. We also have 3 black 100% Spanish yearlings and 1 dairy girl. $275 each.

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