Our Cattle

2022 Prices

  • 2022 Steers $600
  • 2022 Heifers $950
  • 2022 Bulls $950

SteelMeadow Farm began with four heifers and a young bullcalf back in the Fall of 2006. Two of those girls are still with us, producing calves in their “up-teenth” years.

We prefer our Traditional Irish Dexters to be horned, black or dun. If you want red and polled, there are plenty other farms who do that.

Our cattle are pasture-raised and only supplemented with hay in the winter, and loose mineral mix year round, no grain.

If you want hardy little cattle that do well on their own, produce amble milk for their calves and have wonderful temperament, then take a look at what SteelMeadow has to offer!

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